Update 4.14: Primus, Performance & More

Dear players,

Today we’re happy to announce some new features that will arrive with Update 4.14.

First of all, we will release a new bonus engine, the Primus.

This engine is very different to all other bonus engines. That’s because its values will automatically adjust to the current era, so it will always be able to compete with the latest bonus engines. This clearly makes the Primus a relatively powerful asset in your vehicle fleet. For this reason, the Primus will also be something very special with respect to its rarity. By default, the Primus can only be won in the lottery and is, after the Gold rush, the rarest of prizes that can only be won with lots of luck.

What’s more, the Primus will be available as a special bonus for all those among you who’ll buy their very first Rail Nation Gold package… no matter which Gold package you choose.
Have you already purchased Gold before? Don’t worry, you’ll also get the chance to try out the Primus!

In order for all players who’d like to test the Primus to get a chance to do so, we’ll celebrate its release with a 3-month period in which every player will receive the Primus as an additional bonus on top of their first Gold purchase during a game round. Again, it makes no difference which Gold package you go for.

This fairly long period of three months was selected by us, so that you have enough time to join a new game round and try out the Primus in all six eras.

The Primus is a cargo engine and, like other bonus engines, will be available to you until the end of the game round. Plus, you can own it in addition to all the other bonus engines. Adding the Primus to the lottery doesn’t result in any other changes, meaning the ticket price remains the same, as do all the other possible lottery prizes. So essentially, you have the chance to receive a greater bonus with your Gold… if, of course, you are very lucky.

These changes are only available from 25.04.2019!


But Update 4.14 contains more than just the Primus. We’re really happy to have once again improved the game’s performance even further. Last time, this concerned the train list. This time, however, all the railway tycoons with expansive track networks will benefit.

With some background improvements, we’ve been able to considerably reduce the loading time during login for large railway networks. The larger the network, the greater the impact of this improvement. To give you an example: in the most extreme case, the loading time of a fully upgraded railway network will be reduced from 13 seconds to just 0.26 seconds – a reduction of 98%!

There’s also a small change regarding pre-registrations. Until now, it was the case that if a single player pre-registered for a specific city, they also pre-registered their whole association, yet only occupied one single slot in the city. This allowed multiple, large associations to pre-register for the same city while circumventing the overcrowding rule. Since this led to a massive imbalance of the cities, it’s now no longer possible. The registration of a single player now also takes into account the total number of related association members with regard to the overcrowding rule. This creates a more balanced gaming experience for all.

And of course, there will be countless minor changes and bug fixes that you can read about in the change log on the forum.

We hope you like the update.

Your RN Team