Strategy on the festival server: time for intermediate results!

Dear players,

The festival server is packed with action! In the first days and weeks, the various associations first needed to form up. Some players coordinated and started together in the same city, while others still had to find a suitable association. By now, we can see clear patterns on the server, with cooperation being the focus of all action.
The festival server is international, yet the language barrier doesn’t seem to be much of a hindrance, given the amazing international cooperation that is taking place.


Lots of experienced players are present on the festival server, so everyone knows just what to do. Most players have very clear goals, making the festival a rather relaxed, yet highly strategic and active round.

The large amount of Gold is still new for some players, while others know exactly how to use it most efficiently. Some can really do with the 2,000 Gold every week, in order to compensate for bad investments in the previous week or to press on with pre-planned strategies.

The city levels were quite close together initially. Before the first era change, half of all cities reached the maximum level of 8. The levels are now more spread out: at the start of the fourth era, only six cities reached the maximum level of 24.

The player ranking is subject to constant movements up and down, and the top ten are still all very close together. There will certainly be one or two changes yet and we are really excited to find out which strategy will prevail in the end.

These are the intermediate results for associations, players and cities:

We’re looking forward to experiencing the remaining eras on this special server with you and wish you lots more fun!

Your Rail Nation Team